Vermont's Freshest Shrimp

Small fresh shrimp available for pickup at the farm this Friday afternoon (3-7 pm)

Perfect for quick boil in salted/spiced water, drained, chilled, peeled and dipped.

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Frozen bisque (24 oz) is available for pickup at the farm this Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

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Vermont Shrimp Bisque

This delicious bisque is produced by Joe's Kitchen in Montpelier using our locally grown shrimp. It is available in frozen 24 oz. packs. Dairy free (just add 6 oz. milk or cream) and gluten free.

Visit Sweet Sound at the Burlington Winter Farmers Market on December 3rd and December 10th.

Stay tuned for additional pop up events.


Thank you!

Sweet Sound Aquaculture

1211 Ethan Allen Hwy.

Charlotte, Vermont