Welcome. Sweet Sound is Vermont's first shrimp aquaculture farm. The farm is located at Nordic Farms in Charlotte, Vermont. I offer fresh, natural, head-on Pacific Whiteleg shrimp for retail and wholesale weekly from the farm. Please visit our ordering page for details and availability.


The shrimp are raised in recirculating seawater at my new facility at Nordic Farms. I receive periodic shipments of small (post larval) shrimp from a hatchery on Pine Island, Florida. They are raised nursery pools for the first month - from the size of an eyelash to about an inch. Then they are transferred to a series of larger grow out pools. They spend another 2 to 3 months in these pools until market size which ranges from 35 to 20 per pound. I do not feed or apply any hormones or antibiotics. Locally grown organic grains, fermented with probiotic bacteria (lactobacillus, bacillus sp.), are periodically mixed in the pools to enhance their overall health and rigor. They are sold unprocessed, head-on to our customers. I like to sauté or fry the shrimp and serve whole, lightly seasoned with cayenne or other snazzy spices.


These Vermont raised shrimp are often available at Bleu Northeast Seafood (Marriott), Juniper (Hotel Vermont), Hen of the Wood, and The Great Northern. You can also find the shrimp regularly on special at several other Vermont restaurants.


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John Brawley